When you play Cash Housie you’re helping support Little Wings Australia. Each week, you also have the chance to win fantastic CASH prizes. It’s great fun and it’s even better when you know you’re helping a great cause!

So who is Little Wings Australia? Little Wings is a non-profit organisation that offers free transport to families with seriously ill children in rural and regional NSW. They offer both ground and flight transportation and aim to ease the journey and burden that families are placed into when a child gets sick. An incredible asset for those in a time of need, where the emotional, financial, and physical strain of difficult situations can often become so overwhelming that they need someone (or some people) on their team! This is where Little Wings works their magic and ensures children are able to get the lifesaving medical treatment they need and with the support of loved ones around them. Read more in our blog here.

Want to play?

Books on sale: 9am
Calling starts: 9.45am

Note: All prizes subject to ticket sales.

Authorised under NSW Permit GOCMJH/2494 (Tuesday) and GOCMJH/2493 (Wednesday).