We know, it’s hot! It can be a real struggle to decide whether to sit inside under the air con or fight through the heat to enjoy a beautiful summer day. We give you 10 ways to keep cool outside while still having some fun in the sun this summer in Port Macquarie!

fun in the sun

It’s a scorcher out there!

This summer’s blasting heat can make even the shortest walk feel like a three-day trek through the Outback. It is hard to find ways to keep cool, especially when Port Macquarie’s gorgeous outdoor views and activities can keep you busy outside for hours! Most people think huddling inside under the air con is the only way to cool off. But you can still soak up some summer rays all while keeping cool! We’ve put together a list of 10 ways to beat the heat in Port Macquarie this summer, while still having some fun in the sun!

1. Visit a vineyard

Celebrate the heat this summer with a crisp and refreshing glass of wine at your favourite vineyard. Bago Vineyards is native to Port Macquarie and offers delicious varieties of wine and stunning views of their eucalyptus forest. Don’t worry about the kids, they have a 2-kilometre-long hedge maze you can lose them in for the day!

fun in the sun

2. Water canon fight

Westport Park, located at the heart of Port Macquarie, offers the perfect location for an intergalactic war battle or an undercover secret spy mission. Just use your imagination! You don’t need to be a kid to run around and chase your friends. Although, the kids might get a kick out of blasting their parents! Plus, the park is just a stone’s throw away from us here at The Westport Club!

3. Tour the zoo

Pack up the kids and pay a visit to the beautiful and unique Australian wildlife. Billabong Zoo, a Port Macquarie favourite, holds over 80 species of animals including koalas, cheetahs, and crocodiles. With countless interaction opportunities and shows, see how these special creatures are keeping cool this summer, too!

4. Day trip to the beach

The ultimate trip for some fun in the sun. Pack an esky with some water and food and head to your favourite sandy destination. We recommend Lighthouse Beach for the surfers who love a big swell. For those who want a more calm and family oriented spot, Shelly Beach is the ideal place for a relaxing getaway. Splash around in the ocean when you want a little break from the rays, but don’t forget to keep applying sunscreen!

fun in the sun

5. Walk in the shady rainforest

You may be hiding from the sun’s rays under the canopy in this one, but it still counts. Stay shaded underneath the trees while witnessing breathtaking views of the forest. Sea Acres National Park has a beautiful rainforest boardwalk that provides an unforgettable natural landscape (and tonnes of shade!).

6. Learn to scuba dive

Get out of your comfort zone. Explore the depths of the ocean (or the training pool – baby steps!) and relax under the sun, and the water too! Scuba Haven is a local diving company that provides services from first-time lessons to expert dive sites. Hang out with the ocean life and experience an entirely new world. The creatures may have some insight on how to beat the heat too!

7. Hire a kayak

Change things up a bit and paddle across the water with the family. There’s a number of great locations in and around Port Macquarie, and they are quite affordable too. Jordan’s Boating Centre and Holiday Park offers small and friendly service with beautiful river views! If you get too hot, take a quick dip near the shore. Kayaking can be a new and exciting way to have some family fun in the sun.

fun in the sun

8. Hike a new trail

Throw those old hiking boots on and tackle the heat head on. Port Macquarie is home to tonnes of gorgeous walking trails and parks. The Googik Heritage walking track is a quaint and calm trail that encompasses the true beauty of our beloved Port. It’s also a great spot to soak in the scenic wildlife.

9. Visit the local pool

Enjoy the water without the sand. Grab your friends and head to the nearest pool, whether it be your community’s or a mate’s. Or change things up even more and visit Camden Haven, which has a beautiful netted tide pool at your disposal. Work on your golden summer tan and take a dip once the rays get a little too crispy.

10. The Westport Club

The ultimate summer destination! The Westport Club offers gorgeous views of the Hastings River, delectable eats at Aqua restaurant, and refreshing drinks at Jimmy’s Bar & Lounge. Whether you want to escape the summer sun for a bit or soak it up along our coastal walk, The Westport Club is there to help you beat the heat.

Sound intrigued? We’d love to have you! Not only can you host unforgettable events within our breathtaking venues, you can come in anytime to experience over 100 whiskeys on offer at Jimmy’s or try our signature sourdough baked by our artisan bakers at Hastings Coffee Co.. To really make your beautiful summer night special, you can book a table at Aqua restaurant today!