Relaxing is tough!

Relaxation seems like a lost art in our increasingly busy lives. Between work, friends, family and everything else, there’s just no free time to do NOTHING. Anytime we feel we have a few minutes to take a load off, something always comes up. And if by chance we do find some free time, we often don’t know what to do with it! Learning how to relax is a skill that’s easy to learn but hard to master. Here at the NEW Westport Club, we pride ourselves on the relaxing atmosphere we’ve established. We want to share some relaxation tips and ideas to help you conquer even life’s most difficult stresses.

How to relax

Everyone has his or her own unique ways of relieving stress and loosening up. While we can’t speak for all relaxation-seekers, we want to bring you some sure-fire tips you can use the next time you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. Our relaxation tips range from a quick 60-second recharge to a weekend-long vacation. We wanted to be sure we had something to suit everyone’s hectic lifestyles – now you just need to choose the best relaxation tips for you.
















Meditate? Isn’t that what monks do? It sounds a little crazy, but meditating is a proven way to relieve even the highest levels of stress. And it’s super easy to do! Who would’ve thought that something as common as breathing could have such an impact on your relaxation level? Meditation can be as simple as adding a few breathing techniques to your daily schedule. If you want a more advanced experience, then you might want to grab a few candles, some essential oils, a warm, quiet room, and your favourite nature noises soundtrack. But if you’re like most other humans who don’t have the time for that, we’ll give you a couple of techniques you can do anywhere to free your mind.

  1. Find a quiet area at work, home or wherever you are where you won’t have many interruptions. If you have nowhere to go at work, just try it out on your lunch break. The restrooms also tend to work quite nicely!
  2. Sit up straight or lay on your back with one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest.
  3. Breathe in through your nose while focusing on the rise of each hand on your stomach and chest.
  4. Exhale strongly out your mouth, focusing now on the fall of your hands on your body.
  5. Continue this technique for as long as desired. The more you can focus on only your breathing and movements, the more relaxed you may become.

This may take you 2 minutes or 2 hours. There’s no rush to mindfulness! Practicing these breathing techniques daily can help improve your mood, energy level, and even sleep patterns! There are plenty more meditation exercises you can follow, but this one is a consistent way to ease your mind and body.

Enjoy a drink with some friends

There’s no better way than to forget life’s struggles than reminiscing with a few of your closest friends. And there’s no better setting than sharing a few drinks while you talk! It may seem like quite the time commitment, but all you and your mates really need is an hour after work. Stop at your local pub for a round or two and let the memories flow. The smiles on everyone’s faces are enough to make up for the hardships of even the toughest stresses of the previous weeks. Talking about your greatest moments together will help you forget your day’s worries and bring back some memories you may have forgotten! It’s the perfect way to spark a little extra happiness in your life.

If you’re looking for the ideal place to have a laugh, Jimmy’s Bar & Lounge offers the perfect spot to relax with your mates. We’ve got over 100 different whiskeys on offer and a delicious cocktail list that’s sure to tickle your tastebuds. Our casual lounge setting is the ideal way to sit around and share your fondest memories. Did we mention we’ve also got a floor to ceiling window with the best view in Port Macquarie? Gaze out at the boats coasting along the Hastings River as you sip on one of our delectable creations. If reminiscing with your buddies doesn’t loosen you up, the unbelievable beauty of the river sure will!

Have a swim

There’s no doubt that a dip in the pool or a splash in the ocean is heaps of fun, but it’s also proven to help you relax, too! Water’s versatility is what makes swimming such a useful exercise. You can float your cares away on the surface or swim dozens of laps for a nice burn in your muscles. Both are great ways to relieve some stress. It’s no secret that exercising is a great way to relax your mind and body, and working out in the water is no different. In fact, not only can it improve your fitness, it allows you to work out harder without putting as much strain on your muscles and joints.















You can come out of a pool workout with toned arms without the need for heavy weights! Plus, it’s the perfect setting to practice some breathing exercises. You can try the exercise we mentioned before as you’re floating atop the current or practice controlling your breaths as you paddle back and forth. Either way, having a swim is a simple and fun idea for people looking for tips on how to relax.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous than your mate’s backyard pool or the local community centre, Lake Innes Nature Reserve is a historical settlement with a gorgeous view of the lake and surrounding wildlife. You can enjoy a nice, cool swim with the faint echo of ducks and swans conversing and kangaroos scurrying through the brush. Take a load off with a dip in the lake’s quiet waters. Just swimming alone is enough to help ease your mind; Lake Innes’ natural beauty is the icing on the cake.

Treat yourself to your favourite food

The most enjoyable go-to relaxation tip: Eating! Food is the body’s natural response to a signal of distress. There’s no use in fighting the urges. You might as well make the most of them! Take the family to your favourite eatery and indulge in even your wackiest food desires. Now, this doesn’t mean that eating cake and fried chicken every time you want to relax. Eating unhealthy food can actually lead to more stress. But there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself and the family to a treat every now and then. Plus, if you do it in moderation, you’re more likely to appreciate the relaxation. So go ahead and pack up the family for a delicious meal at your restaurant of choice. You can talk about the week’s struggles and more tips on how to relax around the table!

Speaking of delicious food, The Westport Club’s Aqua restaurant offers some of the most succulent meals in all of Port Macquarie. Aqua puts an emphasis on using local produce and ingredients to provide the most authentic and delicious experience for every guest. The restaurant’s modern-Australian cuisine is a local favourite, along with tasty wine pairings. Many ingredients used at Aqua, are sourced from local food producers. So when we say you’re getting the true Port Macquarie experience, we mean it! There’s also a stunning view of the beloved Hastings River to enjoy while you eat. Book a table at Aqua today and relax with us at The Westport Club!

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Go for a walk

This is another tip that requires almost no planning or extra time at all. You can have a stroll around the parking lot while on your lunch break at work or take the family around the block a few times. If you want a few minutes to yourself then use this time to sort out your thoughts. If you want to hear about the good and bad of the family’s days, then ask away. You decide how you want the trip to go! That’s the beauty of such a simple exercise. You can walk for a few minutes or you can walk until your legs won’t work any longer. Walking can boost your energy, reduce fatigue, and even help your brain meditate on its own. Just being outside refreshes the system enough to shake some stress away. If you want an exercise on how to relax that you can control, then walking is the perfect tip.















Port Macquarie is filled with heaps of stunning nature trails and scenery that are perfect for a relaxing walk. But if you’re looking for the most beautiful view in all of Port Macquarie, then you have to visit the Hastings River. We still marvel at the river’s absolutely gorgeous waterways each and every day at The Westport Club. We love it so much that we can highly recommend taking a walk along the beautiful coastal trail. You can even walk right past The NEW Westport and soak in the drifting boats and calm current of the Hastings. As a little extra treat, visit our takeaway window right along the river at Hastings Coffee Co. for the best coffee in town! Pop inside the Club and try our artisan-baked sourdough, delicious baked treats, and we just added traditional Italian-style pizzas to our menu! Stop by Hastings Coffee Co. on your walk and relax with us at the NEW Westport Club.

Relax at the NEW Westport Club

We put an emphasis on ensuring the best possible experience for each and every one of our guests. While completing our renovations, we focused on delivering beautiful surroundings and quality food and drinks for all Port Macquarie natives to enjoy. We understand that your lives are busy. Our goal is to help you forget about those stresses and enjoy a little taste of the good life. We love seeing our guests smiling from ear to ear as they laugh along the view of the Hastings River or share a drink at Jimmy’s. No matter the occasion, we want our guests to leave their worries behind. If you’re looking for the best tips on how to relax, then look no further than The Westport Club! If you want to enjoy all our amenities at their full potential, then become a member today. You’ll enjoy rewards points to be spent at the club, discounts on food and drink, and even invitations to exclusive members-only events. Come relax at The Westport Club today and relinquish your stresses to our wonderful views and ambience.


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