For many of us, our mums are our whole world. They are always there with open hearts, they listen, they help, they offer advice and with open arms they’ll always offer the best hug. It’s fitting that we pause for a day to celebrate our magnificent mums. We know this year Mother’s Day will be a little different for many of us. Social distancing and home isolation are unfortunately necessary to protect all of us, so let’s do what we can to safely spoil our mums this year on Mother’s Day. We’ve put together a few suggestions to help you make sure your mum feels the love this Sunday.

1. Create a love box of her favourite things 

It may be too late to post a package…but it’s the thought that counts too, especially at the moment, so if your sentiment is late, you can soften that with a phone call or a zoom call and give a hint that your mum can expect a delivery soon. If posting isn’t necessary because your mum lives close by, how about delivering her a box of love. It may be as simple as a collection of things you know she likes from the supermarket, like a box of fresh fruit…or a selection of favourite indulgences like chocolates, cookies and wine. Perhaps is a love box of relaxation, a magazine, a book, her favourite tea, some bubble bath or soap and scented lotion…even a pair of warm socks. A box of love can truly be with things just from your local supermarket.

2. Flowers 

Flowers are always a beautiful way to let your mum know you’re thinking of her on Mother’s Day. Deliveries are easy to arrange on-line or by a simple phone call and you can choose a bouquet of mums favourite flowers. A lovely and colourful surprise, especially if you can arrange an early delivery on Mother’s Day. This will set the tone for her whole day. 

Flowers and gift

 3. Sing her favourite song or create her a Tik Tok Dance 

Get the whole family involved and create a video of her loved ones singing her favourite song or create a family Tik Tok dance to a song she loves. Get dressed up, add some props, some moves and sing your heart out as you video your performance. At the start or finish of the video, you can record a Mother’s Day message for her. This will be something she’s bound to share and remember for a long time! We’re sure it will be a most unexpected surprise.  

 4. Send her an e-Card 

Express your love and gratitude to your mum with a special e-card right to her smart device. There’s no waiting on the post, you can be guaranteed she’ll receive it. You could get each family member to send their own e-card throughout the day on Sunday to spread messages of love and kind words to your mum across the day. 

Mothers day card

 5. Have family lunch together 

The good news is, if it’s safe to do so, you can have lunch at home with your mum, so long as we all abide by safe social distancing. It may not be the same as heading out to your favourite restaurant and indulging in a multi-course breakfast or lunch, however you can easily create a special menu at home. Many places are also delivering so it might be a good idea to get an order in early if this is something your keen to try.  

If your mum lives afar, you can arrange a Zoom or Skype lunch. Set the table and leave a spot for the smart device or laptop so you can chat as you enjoy a toast together. You can even invite extended family and have a bit of a virtual reunion. A great way to reconnect and show mum how much the entire family adores her. To make this really special, each family should go to a similar effort in creating a meal extravaganza that they can showcase on the call. It’s great for conversation, especially homemade meals, giving everyone a chance to show-off their kitchen prowess! Don’t forget to make your mum the centre of attention with a special toast and kind words from everyone on the call. 

Mum and daughter

6. Give her the gift of an online class or gift voucher 

If your mum is feeling a little glum and bored being at home with so much time on her hands lately, she may be looking to learn something new! Inspire her to step out of her comfort zone and try on-line learning. There’s an array of online educational classes available. Now is the time to inspire her to take the path she may have always wanted…photography, painting, story writing, quilting, knitting…even novel writing. Sometimes all it takes is someone to encourage you to take the first step toward something new and wonderful. What an amazing gift to give your mum.  

 7. Host a Family Trivia Night 

 Most of us are now well versed and confident in video conferencing, so it’s time to get creative and even entertaining with it. Hosting a family trivia night via video is lots of fun and you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it sooner! There’s a bit of organising involved for this this one, so you will need to do some work before the day. Nominate one person to be the host and organiser. This (trusted!) person will put together a list of 20 questions and answers about mum – this can be done with mum or have her play along. The Q&As are kept in a safe but hidden space until it’s showtime. 

When everyone has joined the video call, the host introduces themselves…they could even take on a new persona!  The host then creates teams and picks a team captain per team. The team captain will need to have some paper and a pen ready. To play, the host reads out each question and each team whispers their answers to their team leader who will write them down. The team with the most correct answers wins the trivia. Decide on a prize for the winning team. Perhaps it could be as simple as who goes over to mum’s place first for mum’s cooking post-isolation. 

8. Pick up the phone 

For some people, our suggestions may not be suitable, but one thing we know for sure, is that all mums will value a simple phone call. A phone call in the morning to wish her a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ and then perhaps one later in the day just to see how her day has been will most definitely fill her heart and make her feel loved.  

With a little creative thinking, collective input from the whole family, you can make some of these ideas really memorable. We know it’s impossible to replace hugs and kisses on Mother’s Day, but a kind word and thoughtful gesture will show your mum how much you appreciate and love her. We hope you enjoy making Mother’s Day something extra special this year for your mum.