There is no denying that Christmas can be a very expensive time of the year. Presents, food, travelling – it all adds up very quickly! Decorating your home for Christmas can seem like just one more expense, and perhaps not the top of the priority list. With these quick tips for decorating on a budget, you can bring some Christmas cheer to your household without having to dig too deeply into your pockets!

  • Sticks and spray paint

On your next walk, collect some sticks or branches – from the GROUND, not off someone’s trees please! Add some gold, silver, green or red spray paint and some baubles and you’ve got yourself a Christmas ‘tree’! Depending on the size, you can pop it in a pot in a corner, use it as table decorations, or hang it from your mantle.

  • Candles and glass

Christmas decoration DIY

There’s a lot of potential in your recycled glass jars and some tea lights! If you dig around, you’ve probably got everything you need for this one at home. Tie some ribbon around the top of the jars for an extra touch!

  • Glitter. On. Everything.

It’s messy, but its oh-so-festive!!! Glitter on anything makes it instantly Christmassy. You can dip leaves, branches, yourself, your kids.. whatever makes you happy, really! Handmade decorations are always a bit more legitimately Christmassy with a dab or two of glitter.

  • Pinecones

Pinecone craft Christmas

Although this is clearly of European origin, there is something about pinecones that just screams Christmas. Paint them or leave them plain, pop them in a bowl with a few gold baubles or cover them with glitter and hang them on a chain! You may even find some of these in a neighbours yard for free, but if you don’t, you can pick them up at a bargain shop for a few dollars!

  • Paper ornaments

the girl makes a homemade snowflakes cut out of paper, preparation for the new year, Christmas, home decoration

Snowflakes are such an easy win for Christmas decorating! And even better, they are really easy to make. Make it a fun activity for the kids in your life and spend some quality time together. Let’s face it, decorations aside, that’s what Christmas is all about!

  • Kmart

Kmart has been sent to us for such a time as this. Their massive range of Christmas decorating items will set you back a few dollars, and are always in the latest colours, which could help to add some current flair to your decorations stash!

  • Fairy lights

Add them anywhere. Add them everywhere. They instantly brighten a room and bring the Christmas magic without too much effort at all. You can even add them to your every-day room décor, making for a very easy pack up after Christmas is done!

  • Cotton Ball chains

Cotton ball snow Christmas Decoration

Remember making popcorn chains for decorations as a kid? This is a similar idea, but the dog isn’t going to try and tear it down for a snack! You can create something pretty special for very little outlay – A bag of cotton balls, some string, and a needle, and you’re set! They look like little puffs of snow and again – if you’re brave enough to add glitter, you’ve got something that is undeniably festive!

  • Finally – rustic is in

Thank goodness! You can create almost anything yourself these days, with the help of a sneaky Youtube tutorial! Have a google and see what you can find. Perfection is definitely not required or expected. And the wonderful rustic-ness that results is 100% chic – we promise.

DIY Christmas decorations are fun and a great way to spend time together as a family. You will also start to accumulate some amazing memories that you get to unpack each year and add to your Christmas collection. Spending time with family and loved ones is really the most important part of the holiday season, but they can be messy, especially when creating! When you’re sick of cleaning up after them all, The Westport Club is here for you every single day of the year.