Christmas is upon us and we cannot believe it! This year has flown by in some ways and dragged in others, and if you can’t believe it’s December again – this blog is for you. Coming up with a new and creative idea for a fun Christmas Party each year is definitely a challenge, see if there’s something on our list to inspire you!

Outdoor Adventures

We live in paradise – make the most of it! You don’t need to decorate if you’ve got the natural landscape of Port Macquarie as a back drop to your Christmas party. Head outside with your team and get active – go on a hike, take a stand up paddle boarding class, hire some kayaks and have some fun. Achieving something together is a great way to form new bonds and contribute to positive culture within your business!

Paddle board Christmas party port Macquarie

Family Day

Again – make the most of where we are! Head to the beach or one of our beautiful parks, light up the BBQ and let the fun begin! Go traditional with a sack race or egg relay. Or you could even set up a volleyball net! If you’re able to have a chat with Santa and get him to drop by, you’ll have some very happy kids. This option is intrinsically Australian and we love it.

Tree Decorating Contest

There’s a bunch of places to buy cheap Christmas Trees – or expensive ones, if you prefer! Get yourself a hoard of decorations, break your staff down into teams, and ensure your judging is completely unbiased! If you’re clever, everyone can get a prize in a different ‘category’. Add some wine, cheese and air-conditioning, you have the perfect afternoon party!

Christmas party decorate tree

Tenpin or Laser-tag

Tenpin or Laser-tag parties can seem childish, but by this time of the year, everyone is pretty keen to let loose and forget their adult responsibilities for an hour or so! The beauty of these businesses is they are very set up for catering etc, and so you may not need to do much at all, except part with some money! Remember, you also deserve to have a good time and relax, so don’t make the party too much effort on your behalf.

Christmas Dessert Cook-off

The best part about this one? You all get to eat them at the end! If you’ve got a team that loves cooking and food, a little competition could be the perfect way to unwind and celebrate the year together. Try to get everyone cooking different things, otherwise you may be stuck eating 10 Christmas Puddings! You could also consider donating some of the deliciousness if there’s too much for your team to consume.

Wine tours

The Port Macquarie-Hastings region has so many beautiful wineries that would make the perfect setting for unwinding after the year that’s been! Food, chatter, wine and permission to relax is just what the doctor ordered for 2020.

Back side of woman drinking red wine at vineyard during the sunset Port Macquarie

Barefoot bowls

A hands on and fun way to end the year – catered, un-catered, personal bar, whatever you like! Fun for all the family so no-one needs to find a babysitter, and someone will even tell you how to play! Unless you’re already an expert, of course. Daylight savings means there is no need to come out in the hot sun, so put it off until twilight and follow it up with dinner!

Paint and Sip

There’s really nothing more to explain here – a fully tutored painting experience, and it’s BYO! Sounds like a fantastic way to celebrate and bond this Christmas.

Photo of a senior woman painting and drinking wine while having a painting class in a local art studio; connecting with her friends over a glass of wine and learning how to paint together.

The standard – but better

Going out for dinner or lunch can seem like a cop out when it comes to the perfect Christmas Party. Our dedicated team are able to design the perfect menu, space and atmosphere – however you’ve pictured it! From a formal 4 course meal, to something casual and fun, we’ve got the solution for you.

If you’re still stuck or think none of these options really would suit your team, numbers or culture – contact us today! The possibilities are endless, and we would love to speak to you about the perfect function for your office.