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The sun-drenched coastal holiday destination of Port Macquarie is fast-becoming a playground for grown-ups – a central gathering spot for those wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of Sydney and Brisbane. These urban escapees are drawn by the stunning natural environment, as well as the region’s growing reputation for art, food and wine! This makes The Westport Club an idyllic location for those who wish to relax and play.

In Port Macquarie, retirees and local families mix comfortably with holiday-makers on weekend getaways from cities and regional Australia. The pace in Port Macquarie is relaxed, the colours saturated by the warm coastal light and the living is easy. With approximately 300 days of sunshine per year, life is dominated by sun, surf and sand but there’s still plenty of time for socialising with boutique beers, crisp cool wines and cocktails at The Westport Club.

Relax and enjoy

The views of the river and ocean from The Westport Club are spectacular. Just one look at this tranquility and you are totally at peace. The secret to the magic of living in Port Macquarie is quality of life, coupled with the marvellous atmosphere gifted to the town from Mother Nature.

The feeling here is of being on an endless holiday among wonderful people, which is the feeling we seek to replicate at The Westport Club. We love the local community and our unique natural surroundings and we are committed to improving the quality of life for the community and to deliver a relaxing leisure, dining and entertainment experience.

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Our Story

Nestled on the banks of the glorious Hastings River, The Westport Club has been an important part of the social fabric of the Port Macquarie community for many years. Read more

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