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Sub and Affiliated Clubs

Sport and social interests play an integral role in the social fabric of our community. Without community support and volunteers, many groups would not exist. Sporting and social groups and teams provide mateship, physical activity and purpose to many people across a wide variety of ages. The Westport Club recognises the importance of sport and other activities in the community and supports a variety of Sub Clubs in many ways, including cash and in-kind support.

Get to know our Sub-Club and Affiliated Clubs

The Westport Club has 5 Sub Clubs and 6 Affiliated Clubs who each offer their own unique experience. Benefits to joining a Sub Club or Affiliated Club include regular exercise, social activities, competition and achievement. A list of our Sub and Affiliated Clubs appear below – if you’re interested in joining one, please contact the relevant Sub Club:

Sub Clubs

  • Westport Travel Club
  • Over 60s Bowlers Club
  • Westport Travelling Bowlers Club
  • Westport Men’s Bowling Club
  • Westport Women’s Bowling Club

Affiliated Clubs

  • Port Saints Netball Club
  • Port Macquarie (Pirates) Rugby Union Club
  • Hastings River District Cricket Association
  • Hastings River District Junior Cricket Association
  • Port Macquarie Basketball Association
  • West Port Macquarie Tennis Club
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