National Tim Tam Day is Tuesday February 16 and we invite you to help us celebrate it!

Why you ask?  Why not!  Tim Tams are the top rated chocolate biscuit in Australia and we are going to take this one day as an opportunity to bathe in all of it’s glory!

Head on into The Westport Club and try one of our Tim Tam delicacies…
For the milkshake lovers Hastings Coffee Co are offering a Tim Tam Supershake – $8 members
For the dessert lovers Aqua Restaurant are offing a Tim Tam Panna Cotta – $10 members
For the cocktail lovers Jimmy’s Bar & Lounge are offering a Chocolate Tim Tam Dream Cocktail – $15 members

See you Tuesday!

Did you know?
This incredible biscuit hit the market in 1964 after a world wide trip from Arnott’s director of food technology, Ian Norris, took a round the world trip looking for inspiration.  He found a British biscuit called a Penguin and wanted to make a better one. Our delicious little friend was named after a horse who won the Kentucky Derby.*

*source Wikipedia