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Feedback from the Community

Alzheimer’s Australia – Gary Thomas, Sector & Capacity Development – Program Manager

“The support The Westport Club has provided Alzheimer’s Australia NSW has been instrumental in the completion of the Port Macquarie Dementia & Memory Community Centre. The club’s support has assisted our organisation to increase our dementia awareness raising throughout the community. The Westport Club thank you!”

Port Saints Netball Club – Lee Spencer, President

“In 2016, Saints Netball Club wanted to focus on one of the most valuable roles in our sport, our coaches. We knew that if we could ensure that our coaches had the highest level of skills than we would, in turn, ensure the skills improvement of our players.

With the support of The Westport Club sponsorship, in 2016 we have been able to launch the Coaching Pathways Program. This program offers our coaches the opportunity to attend practical coaching workshops, share supportive networking experiences and provide our coaches with access to the vital coaching equipment and knowledge resources they need in order to develop the skills of their players.

This year’s program has been an outstanding success with both players and coaches feeling a new level of enthusiasm. All teams coached by those who attended the program showed improved playing results. We saw several teams of coaches who attended the program, who nobody would have thought would be in the finals, secure top four positions with one team (against all odds) winning their Grand Final. There is no doubt that this program has improved both our players and coaches skills and has helped lift the standard of netball in the Hastings region. Without the ongoing support of Westport Club, this would not be achievable.”

Port Macquarie Basketball Association – John Minihan, President

“The Westport Club sponsorship gives PMBA the opportunity to provide our ‘Aussie Hoops’ introductory basketball sessions to newcomers at a discounted price. It makes it more accessible and will definitely assist in growing our membership base with the new stadium next year.

The sponsorship gives us the ability to establish a subsidised program to enable non-representative juniors to get access to quality coaching and improve their general skills for our domestic competition and hopefully see many try out for representative basketball. Most importantly, the sponsorship gives us the ability to financially assist talented juniors to become involved in our representative basketball program via a hardship scholarship program. These are juniors that otherwise wouldn’t be able to be involved, or would struggle to be involved, because of the high cost of participating.”

Learning Links – Elli Loboja, Relationship and Fundraising Coordinator

“Learning Links works in collaboration with schools, early childhood settings and parents to help children with learning disabilities and difficulties. Through the generous support of The Westport Club, we have been able to deliver our ‘Reading for Life’ program to 37 children from St Agnes and Lake Cathie Public School since 2012. By providing parents with a kit, face-to face training, demonstration DVD and access to ongoing support, we equipped parents with an understanding of how reading develops and have provided them with the materials/techniques to help their child. “

House with No Steps – Peter Jenkins, Area Manager – Mid North Coast

“House with No Steps greatly appreciates the financial support for our community art program. The clubs commitment to this program ensures the people with disability will be supported to participate in what is a massive community project. It allows for people with disability to interact with members of the public, and many other organisations, in and outside of the disability space. As a result, our customers are growing in confidence talking to others, and developing a great sense of pride in the work they are doing in their community.”

Camp Quality – Melissa Bell, Fundraising Coordinator NNSW

“The funding we receive from the Westport Club will positively impact the lives of many children and their families who are living with cancer. It will provide families with some time out from hospital treatment, a chance to spend quality time together and also form support networks with others who are going through a similar journey. Camp Quality is so proud to have an amazing organisation such as The Westport Club supporting our charity. Together we will create a better future for every child living with cancer.”

Endeavour Mental Health Recovery Clubhouse – Rob Moorehead, Director

“Endeavour Clubhouse in a non-institutional service for adults who have experienced the social and vocational damage than mental health problems can cause. It is a voluntary program where participants are members, rather than patients, clients or consumers. We provide a service for three days a week for an average of 25 members per day and we provide this without any State or Federal funding. We have received amazing support from Jenny Edmunds and The Westport Club and without the contributions of the club, we would be unable to provide the current level of support to adults on their mental health journey as they work to rebuild their self confidence, social and vocational skills.”

Telegraph Point Public School – Tristan Murraay, President P&C Association

“We are incredibly thankful to The Westport Club for supporting the teachers and students of Telegraph Point Public School with providing a grant to fund the Mathletics Program for one year. The Mathletics program is designed to encourage enthusiasm around the learning of maths and offers a personalised learning model to each individual child. The teachers of TPPS have this year implemented a teaching program that provides a strong focus on the learning of numeracy. The introduction of the Mathletics program supports the teachers with their focus on improving numeracy skills while encouraging enthusiastic engagement for the children in their learning of maths. TPPS is a small school of approximately 110 students with limited resources and without the grant, the funding of this program would not have been possible. We are very appreciative for the ongoing support provided by Westport Club in providing learning opportunities for our children at TPPS.”

Port Macquarie Rugby Union Club – Peter Gerathy, President

“Port Macquarie Pirates Rugby Club would find it hard to provide the necessary training equipment for our players without the ongoing assistance provided by The Westport Club over the years. Without this equipment we would not be able to improve the skills of the players, which sees our junior club as one of the strongest in the Mid North Coast Zone. This year we had 25 players represent the zone, with four of these going on to represent NSW Country.”

Community highlights/feedback includes:

“My son’s spelling has improved. He is more confident in spelling and reading and is trying harder to achieve. He also likes to read more and is getting more pleasure from reading. My son is also using the recall questions in the reading activity and generalising it to other stories. He especially loves the chatterbox and uses it every time we read together. I recently got his school report and was very happy with the progress he has made. I believe the Reading for Life program has made a big difference.”

“I’m really pleased with my son’s progress. He has gone up five reading levels since starting the program. The program is very well organised and I enjoyed talking to the other mothers in the program about how they were progressing through the program with their own child. I felt this support network of friends also helped me through the program.”

“My daughter has made good progress and I’m really happy with the program. We read over the holidays and my daughter is putting a lot of what she has learned into practice. My daughter’s teacher has also noticed and commented on her improvement. She has become more confident in reading.”

“The program has worked really well for her. It has complemented my daughter’s Speech Therapy. She has progressed in her reading level, and her teacher has noticed an improvement in her reading at school. She has really enjoyed the fun way the program is presented.”

“Thank you Westport Club for your continued support and in the positive impact you have had in the lives of these children.”

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