How do you plan an Electric Vehicle Road Trip?


Planning a road trip is always an exciting adventure. Choosing your highlights, finding destinations on the map, and working out the best way to get from A to B – there is plenty to consider! Throw an electric vehicle into the mix and planning gets a little more complicated. With the rise in interest into electric vehicles, demand is higher than ever for towns and road stops to consider the needs of these transportation options. It often raises the question for many about the true price of investing in an EV, and whether you can easily plan a road trip or experience certain limitations.


Trends of EV purchases are on the rise. People choosing to buy EV’s do so for different reasons like environmental sustainability, cost of living factors, and even just the features of the vehicle themselves (who wouldn’t love to drive around town in a shiny new Tesla?!). Brands offering EV’s of today make their vehicles luxurious and innovative, offering a unique option to the current car market of today.


Road trips in an EV do bring on some unique challenges in aspiring to make your trip as seamless as possible. Follow along in this guide where we go through some essential elements to consider before getting ready to embark on your next road trip.


electric vehicle road trip


1. Research & Plan your Charging

Pre-planning your charges and required stops along your route are an important first step to preparing for your trip. Use online resources, mapping tools, and EV charging apps to identify charging stations along the way. Seeking out fast-charging stations will make your wait time lessen significantly, and knowing what amenities are available at your stopped location is important to maximise your time. At The Westport Club we have several EV chargers available – giving travellers a great place to stop into recharge, have a coffee or meal overlooking the Hastings River, and continuing along their journey.


2. Optimise your Route

When planning your road trip, consider the distance between charging locations and your EV’s range. Optimise your route to include charging stops that give you something to do while waiting! You might be able to explore a new town, enjoy scenic views, or grab a great meal while you’re temporarily stopped.


3. Maximise Range & Energy Efficiency

Adopt energy-efficient driving habits to maximise the range of your EV. This could include driving at moderate speeds, avoid unnecessary braking, and minimising use of air conditioning or heating when possible. Take advantage of fast-charging stations for quick top-ups.


4. Pack your Charging Accessories

Don’t be caught out at the charger – ensure all your charging accessories are packed and ready for your road trip. Be prepared with necessary adapters so you can get back on the road quicker. Don’t forget to have a roadside emergency kit available with essential tools and tire repair kit packed.


5. Enjoy Sustainable Travel

Take advantage of your electric road trip to explore sustainable attractions and stay at eco-friendly accommodations. Research destinations that can compliment your sustainable travel best and offer EV amenities to make your trip more comfortable.


electric vehicle road trip


Embarking on the ultimate road trip with your electric vehicle is a new and exciting journey! While you may have some challenges and considerations that other drivers don’t have to worry about, this doesn’t mean the quality of your adventure has to be less. By carefully planning your trip you can create a truly unforgettable road trip experience. So, it’s time to charge up, hit the road, and enjoy the journey with your electric vehicle.


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