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Key Initiatives

The Westport Club has become known in the Port Macquarie-Hastings region for its contribution to important community services and also for helping to improve the numeracy and literacy of the children in our region.

NSW Marine Rescue – Port Macquarie Base

NSW Marine Rescue – Port Macquarie base is a group of volunteers who provide extensive lifesaving services to the local community and the many visitors to Port Macquarie who frequent the rivers and ocean area patrolled by the Unit.

The Westport Club recently extended its support to the service through the provision of $150,000 towards a new rescue vessel, PMQ-30 (valued at nearly $1 million dollars).

This much-needed vessel patrols the local waterways ensuring safety and performing rescue operations. The boat was commissioned in late August 2016 and was named ‘Westport Spirit’.

The Westport Club has committed to providing further financial help to the Port Macquarie Base through our ClubGRANTS program and fundraising opportunities in conjunction with The Westport Club.

Library Regeneration Program

Helping children fall in love with reading is the aim of The Westport Club’s Library Regeneration Program. The ASPECT school, a pre-school and 16 local Primary Schools have shared in $68,000 worth of books from this program.

The Westport Club partners with Dymocks Children’s Charities. Together we work with local schools to select books that are relevant to the needs of students and their library. From there, Dymocks Children’s Charities negotiate the supply of books from various publishers.

This program commenced in 2009 and continues to be a major community focus for The Westport Club.

The Write to Read Project

Back in 2010, the Write to Read project was created by The Westport Club. It’s purpose was to provide inspiration, hope and a future to local children who suffer from dyslexia and other significant learning difficulties.

Supported by Quantum Technology, the Write To Read Project provides state-of-the-art technology that supports children with significant learning difficulties such as dyslexia, at school. The technology, called WYNN, automatically converts any text into speech, enabling students to listen to their books, assignments and tests; and as each word is spoken it is also highlighted on screen so students can follow along, improving both their reading and listening skills.

The Westport Club funded the implementation of this adaptive technology into 11 local schools initially (and an extra school in 2013). The Club committed $55,000 to the project. Another $5,000 worth of support came from ClubsNSW. This $60,000 enabled the purchase of the WYNN software as well as appropriate training for teachers in the schools.

Library Literacy Van

In 2012 The Westport Club and Port Macquarie Council joined forces to deliver a mobile library to the community.

The mobile library van service provides around 700 primary school children in outlying areas of the greater Port Macquarie-Hastings area with access to resources for reading and literacy from the town library. The custom-fitted van houses approximately 1,000 children’s books. Its weekly timetable sees it visiting eight regional schools each week.

The initial investment of $70,000 by The Westport Club enabled the purchase and fit out of the van, as well as the books to fill it. Council’s commitment to the project is to operate the van for a minimum of two days per week, allowing the program to reach hundreds of local children. Since the launch, The Westport Club has continued to support the program through annual funding to help with operating costs and the purchase of new books for the van. The Library Literacy Van also participates in relevant broader community activities such as Book Week, Youth Week, NAIDOC week, school holiday programs and the Hastings Festival of Stories further expands the services provided by this community asset.


Mathletics is the world’s most used mathematics website. It’s trusted and used by more than 10,000 schools and over 3.5 million students globally. With an aim to inspire kids to learn and improve their math skills, The Westport Club created the ‘Inspired Teaching and Learning with Mathletics Program’.

Over 3,000 students from 12 Port Macquarie schools were gifted free subscriptions to the Mathletics eLearning Program. The program, run over a three-year period, allows teachers to track the progress of students as they improve their mathematics skills and develop levels of competence in line with the national curriculum.

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